Avarus Valves Ltd is a valve manufacturer and supplier to the

petrochemical and water utility markets.  We can supply all types of valves,

including air, gate, check, butterfly, plug and control valves.


As a company that specialises in air valves, we have a particular focus on supplying

a wide range of air valves, offering single function (air release), bi-function (vent and vacuum)

or tri-function (combination) types for potable water and sewage application. We have the

experience and expertise to work with the client to finalise the exact valve specification to

ensure they have the correct type of air valve, a factor that is critical in keeping a system

operating as efficiently as possible, but is often overlooked.


We can provide valve overhaul and servicing, either on a one-off basis or as part of a

regular maintenance program.  A wide variety of valves can be catered for, from a basic

gate valve to a complex control valve.  With access to expert engineers, test facilities and

OEM parts, we can provide an excellent service backed up with a detailed valve report.